A note from your Elections Director, Nonhider Soyucancia:

I feel it is my duty to make sure that every legal citizen of my county is able to cast their vote, that no illegitimate ballots are allowed in that would disenfranchise a legitimate voter, that the systems I employ accurately count those votes, and that I present the information in the most open and verifiable means available to me so that every one of the citizens I represent has the opportunity to both be a part and to verify every part of their election that I conduct on behalf of them.

Although Mock County is only obligated to retain these records for 22 months, because we have freed up all the space that it used to take to store the old electronic systems, we have now have the space for and opted to retain all election records for a minimum of 48 months to provide unparalleled transparency for even longer.

And finally, if for any reason you have any question about any part of the election or results, please contact me any time so I can get you access to the information you request.

NOTE: Please see our About Us page for a more detailed explanation of our election system stance.

Results for: Mock TX precinct #001

NOTE: For this Election Tabulation Demo, we tabulated only Page 2 (20 races), so that is the reason you will only see Page 2 below.
With 10 people (+2 watchers) and 10 jumbo calculators, it took only 1 hour and 4 minutes to tabulate 250 ballots.

Results Guide:

Final PDF A scan of each ballot batch along with final batch total sheets. (There is no personal-identifiable information exists on the ballots)
SHA256 This number is a digital fingerprint of the file. You can use any hash calculator Toolsley / FreeCodeFormat / OnlineHashTools / etc, to confirm the files you download match what is posted here. We also have the hashes posted on the wall in our County office, so please stop by any time to confirm they match what we show here. The hash will NEVER change unless someone modifies the file. If you calculate a SHA256 that does not match what is posted here, do not trust the contents of the file and please immediately notify us.

File SHA256 (File Authenticity Fingerprint)
Final-TX-Mock-001.pdf fb19b33b2b8712d45a2b5414093c4a14d1e6bf04a454f11cbefeb297c9a3c22d

Tabulation Livestream/Recorded Video and Ballot Images

Room Cam 1: Room Cam 2:
Station 1: Station 2:
Ballot Images Page 2, Batch 1
5fec8e592d1ddf54 9a32e3cbb15a61f0 06e0448d01c65fe0 17f6c1b380559126

Ballot Images Page 2, Batch 2
c5e8f6a3ddb8a9a9 3cc9fa45d7e6a25e 6789ff5413017019 8e48028b063f2c3a

Station 3: Station 4:
Ballot Images Page 2, Batch 3
b1efa9b33703f281 03e99c7d9ae709af a1aafb834b3a5c1a c97bd5e658d0a405

Ballot Images Page 2, Batch 4
74e9e4c14615fb4b c6251988ffe8ee36 093d8fc28f1150f9 acad6785a1ca7a80

Station 5:
Ballot Images Page 2, Batch 5
0d1ed6118fe84516 3f25bfe04b18c2a3 d0b2c02d87a60f14 4c51a35e782a7830